About me

I have been programming since 2007. My interest back then was to figure out how it all works. Since then I have been learning a lot about software engineering, both professionally and in my free time.

My career began back in 2014, when I was working as a software developer for a local company that provided Internet and IT services. After that I went into consulting, where I got to experience software development at various companies and in many fields.

I'm driven by creativity and a desire to share what I have learned with others. You can see what I have been up to in my portfolio and on GitHub

My skills are listed in my CV.

My Views on Software Development

To me, software development is not just about programming. The technical details are just part of the toolbox that we use to achieve the wonderful things that is software The real value is in what we produce; in what other people use to improve their work and daily lives.

When making software, we as developers, have to use our technical skills to design and model the system according to the requirements that forms a basis for it.

It is therefore important for us as developers to have sufficient knowledge about the domain, and how the software that we build is being used. We need to have a broader perspective than just the technical.